Thursday, June 2, 2011

what i''ve read and what've i saw...

I read a lot in the past... and now i've turned my interest to blog. But not as extreme as bloggers. I just want to explore what blog is and people say we can make money by blogging.
But from my observation, my blog has no direction. A clear direction of what I want to write or what I want to say. Honestly, I can say that I'm not as outspoken as I thought I am.
Another reason for my unskilled writing is that I do so minimal of writing activity. I adore reading. Since I got my job, reading is not my activity anymore. Because it took a lot of time to read. But every now and then I try to look for something to read.
And I read this one blog, susie's adventure. Her writing showed how she can put into words what she's thinking of. I want to be like that. Maybe it'll take some practice. :)

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