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Self Esteem- The Art of Loving Yourself
Article by Karl Perera

Since our childhood, our parents and those older than us teach us to love others and think of others before ourselves. But as we grow old, we must realize that loving ourselves is as important as loving others. If you don’t have love and respect for yourself, you can never achieve your greatest potential. Respect for yourself stems from your self-esteem, which, in turn, isdetrimental to your emotional, intellectual and social growth.Lack of self-esteem gives birth to a number of problems. The biggest and most damaging problem is lack of confidence. If you don’t have self-respect, you start believing that you’re not capable of achieving anything. As a result, you feel unworthy of anything. Such thinking can not only destroy your career, but also damage your daily life.In order to cure this problem, you must understand the reasons behind your low self-esteem. We all are born with the same mindset, so what causes some people to develop low self esteem? Well, one of the biggest factors responsible for this is the behavior of parents towards their child. If you are not taught to love and respect yourself, you will grow up to either be completely indifferent towards your self-respect or develop a very fragile ego.Too much ambition can also cause low self-esteem. It is very important to have ambition and dreams in life, but excess of everything is bad. Over-ambition leads you to believe that you cannot fail. As a result, even a small failure may lead to low self-esteem as you won’t be equipped to handle it.To prevent low self esteem, you must understand that it is good to love yourself. You can truly love others, only if you have love for yourself in your heart. This is because; high self-esteem makes you feel good and happy about yourself and you can only make others happy, when you are happy.
There are various factors which make you feel bad about yourself and hence, lower your self-esteem. Age is one of those factors. Old age brings a number of problems with it, like bad health, lack of sources of income, loneliness etc. and all these contribute to low self-esteem. Failing in relationships also hampers your self esteem. A sudden end in your relationship can leave you feeling rejected and lonely and your self esteem may suffer. Whatever the cause of your low self-esteem, you must remember that there is always a positive side to every situation. Instead of feeling all the negative emotions, be positive and hopeful because no matter how grim the situation is; no situation is permanent and every problem has a solution.
Finally, always remember that God has given you this life to enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t waste it by hating yourself and feeling negative about it.
The author of this article has written several ebooks on self-esteem and personal development. To download a copy of Karl Perera’s latest Ebook “Self-Esteem Secrets” click here. Read how it has helped numerous people love themselves and develop sky-high self-esteem and super confidence.
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The author of this article has written several ebooks on self-esteem and personal development.

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Must remember...

I must remember the sentence "Take charge of my life, before i loose it"..... Must plant it in mind. I need help and guidance... Where should i seek? Feel so lonely in my struggle in life..... Anyone out there wang to be my friend?