Sunday, March 27, 2011

have we ever think about it?

Have ever we think about it? About what... About death. As I gone through loss of family members and a son, made me think about death. Death is not far. It's just as near to us as our life. No one ever think about death until it happened to people dearest to us, or we experience life threatening situation. Right? Actually, our life is really vulnerable, no matter how advance our technology or science taught us. No one escapes death. You are a liar if you think you can escape it, or maybe you think you can turn into vampire or other monster that you think is immortal. LIAR!!!

Actually, death is the thing that we should think about before it comes. Because when it comes, it doesn't give warning, or knock on the door. No one knows when the time is up. But one thing I love about death is that, I don't have to struggle anymore. What ever happens in the hereafter is decided. But the thing is are we prepared? As a muslim, hereafter is place where all human race are being question. No matter what your opinion about death, no one ever really seen a dead person rise from the down under to tell you what he/she had been through. NO ONE. So for me, death is the point of no return. And there, we are being responsible for everything we have done in this world. Big or small. I don't know if afterlife is serene or chaotic. Because no one ever rise from the grave to tell you how is it there. Tears are no more to be shed there. Cause it doesn't mean a thing anymore. For people who think about it, about death, please think for a moment, IF WE DIE, NOTHING HAPPEN IN THE GRAVE(HEREAFTER)? REALLY??? WHO CAN GIVE YOU DEFINITE ANSWER?

I really believe that, we will meet the creator who created us... please think about it. I miss the calling of The Almighty.. (Forgive me Ya Allah).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's hard to write again

Since my last blog, a lot had happened. And suddenly i read my own blog. Well, it was a surprise to say that i even a have a gut to write for other to read. Anyway, it's time to start anew. A new starting point of life. I want to forget the sad things in my life, and start a journey to get a new path to anew happy life with my beloved husband. My back sore, :). Anyway, the question is, what to start with? The time is now, only the 'product' ... well well well... may take a bit of time to brainstorm... ok...