Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Not so busy but so many things coming at one time. Hmmmm.... my hand are aching. Hmmm should I take leave??? I want to have a nice holiday...... hai yooooo

Monday, June 27, 2011

happiness that long lost and i longed for.....

I thought I've moved on and have started anew. I am so wrong. Each time I see a pregnant woman, or a new born baby, my heart ache. I was once almost have my own baby. And during the time of pregnancy I was so overwhelmed and it was the happiest moments in my life. It felt like dream. I just couldn't believe I was conceiving. No one knew how happy I was in between believing and unbelieving. Oh Al-Mighty God, only You understand how I feel now. I really want that happiness back.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Housewife Blogger: Do you make love?

Housewife Blogger: Do you make love?: "Do you call it making love? The Husband and I have never uttered a sentence with the words 'make love' when referring to sex. We find it ..."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Head ache heart ache

I just don't understand. There's just so many little conflicts that make my head ache and my heart ache. I won't know if it will ever stop.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recycle babeh

I love this planet. What can I do for this planet? Recycle. Let's just recycle old news paper and magazine. Let's start doing it.....

Pemimpin yang penakut

Aku nak kata lah.. sesungguhnya kalau sesorang tu penakut, tak yah lah nak jadi pemimpin,,, kalau tak ade keberanian, hanya akan menyusahkan orang lain. Bukan sedikit orang yang disusahkan. RAMAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII....  Dunia penuh dengan orang yang tak tau kemampuan diri . Hanya nakkan kekayaan tapi menyusahkan orang yang di "bawah"... Tapi biasalah, manusia tu bongkak dan tamak. Apabila sesuatu yang buruk berlaku pada suatu masa pada suatu keadaan, pemimpin yang penakut itu akan menuding laa jari ke mana2 arah yang dia nak... kemana2 orang yg dia nak... Mewujudkan apa2 alasan yang dia suka,,,, PEGI DAHHHH....
takpe laaaa dunia ni sedetik je... tunggu laa di akhirat nanti... jadilah org yang dipertanggungjawabkan dengan kerja yang KO buat tu.... (kes ini paham je laa .. berlaku di mana2)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Help me to be more patient. I just couldn't help what I'm feeling and thinking. But I really want to be someone that has high rationality and patience. Show me the way please.


Annoyed with someone... someone is a liar...  annoyed.... ANNOYED......

Monday, June 20, 2011

home based business

My brain is pouring with ideas and passions of doing business. Must do it,,,, must do it.... :) Let's start it small. Let start it simple. Must do it. Must do it. It's a learning experience. It's a start. Everything must start somewhere. Yee haaa!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

time tido

Aku penat. Setelah sepanjang hari dgn aktiviti mengecat tingkap dan aktiviti rutin lain, terasa amat penat. Namun demikian, aku baring di katil dan menutup lampum taknak lena plak mata ni. Otak ligat berpusing tanpa henti. hmmmm. Aku hendak mula bisnes sendiri. Aku hendak mulakan bisnes sendiri. Aku kena yakinkan diri sendiri setiap hari. Di mana harus aku mulakan???  Apakata mula dengan kerepek. Untuk aku kumpul modal. Pas tu baru aku boleh memulakan bisnes kain baju aku. Mari kita cuba. InsyaAllah boleh. Satu lagi aku kena sediakan plan strategi dan plan jangkamasa dan juga jadual waktu.... betul2,,,, hehehee

so many things... so less money ..(what am I saying)

I wanted so many things, and need so many things, but there so little money. Where can I dig up some gold??? heheheh

Friday, June 17, 2011

what to say, how to say it, when to say ....

I just don't know how to say what I'm feeling inside. Actually I'm really scared of making myself looking selfish or stupid. But if I don't say anything I'm just making myself miserable. Should I say it? or not??? Talk.. talk.. talk.. but no understanding??? where can we go from there?? where can we go from there??? HARD...

Aduhai malasnyeee.....

Di mana akan aku cari kekuatan untuk melakukan kerja dan mencapai impian aku. Hmmmm... Siapa tak nak rajin bekerja,,, sapa taknak mencapai kejayaan.. semua aku nak ,, tapi Ya Allah,,, susah nya nak gerakkan sendi2 di badan ini... mcm semua tu berat sangat... mana .. mana nak serap kekuatan.... kalo mcm cerita cina atau cerita jepun boleh transfer aura tenaga tu kan best... karang aku minta suami aku transferkan aura kerajinannya kepada aku.... heheheheheh

Sehingga bila aku nak mcm ni.. aku tak nak.. aku nak jadi yg terbaik.... terbaik dan penuh semangat .... GO GO POWER RANGERSSSS... hhehehheheehh

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

in loveee,,, then you'll cry

It's not a negative statement. It's something true. True story of me. Never in my life I would cry for a stupid love scene. But then, now that I'm in love... in love with my husband, a simple love scene will really make me cry. :). All the happy scenes of people in love will really touch my heart. Oh My God... Love changes people.. or transform them. Sad?? I don't know. But I love being in love. Because it's great. :)))

where to go?

What if I have a burden that I don't want to bear, but somehow I being burden by it. ( what kind of statement is that) Anyway, there's a lot of thing I want to run away from. But since I have let myself commit to something, I have to bear the responsible.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

always have time for miscellaneous but not priority... (sigh~~~~)

I am a married woman with a job. Maybe it's just me or everybody think that women have a lot at their hands. True?? Maybe?? I don't know, because I just been married for 9 months. I don't know. But I do feel a lot of pressure from myself. Because I am not very good at houseworks, and then I always used up my time for sleep. (Sleeping IS my favourite pastime). So here we go again about me not able to commit to timetable. (sigh~) . What the first step??? Here we go again with the FIRST STEP. Fed up of the FIRST STEP. JUST DO IT (NIKE MOTTO).

Where's my brain!!!! Brain with no function there just NO WAYYY....

Where's the strength!!! HELP!!!

Here we go again... Next time I'll try to write something else that's more ENERGIZE than this kind of posts

my workstation,,,,,

Here this is my new workstation... Need to make it 'smart' looking place ever for me to see,,, hehehehe,,,,. LAZYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

pillow case

My pinch of idea.... Let me make pillow case to sell.... Hmmm Let's try that...... Or I take service charge to make pillow case??? heheheheh

Let's talk moneyyy (sigh~~~)

Well,, today I just want to list down the monthly expenses, big and small... so here we go: members
2. Fuel for my car
3. Meals
4. Prepaid top upsss
5. Hygene stuffs
6. Stationary
7. Tolls
8. Office clubss..
9. Medicine
10. Supplemen
11. Clothing
12. Make up?
what else?????
what else???

Thursday, June 2, 2011

what i''ve read and what've i saw...

I read a lot in the past... and now i've turned my interest to blog. But not as extreme as bloggers. I just want to explore what blog is and people say we can make money by blogging.
But from my observation, my blog has no direction. A clear direction of what I want to write or what I want to say. Honestly, I can say that I'm not as outspoken as I thought I am.
Another reason for my unskilled writing is that I do so minimal of writing activity. I adore reading. Since I got my job, reading is not my activity anymore. Because it took a lot of time to read. But every now and then I try to look for something to read.
And I read this one blog, susie's adventure. Her writing showed how she can put into words what she's thinking of. I want to be like that. Maybe it'll take some practice. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bored,,,,, wanna quit.,,,,,./....... hmmmmmmm

Feeling really bored... Life is dull. (Hmmm I think I've wrote this kind of article... Anyway))))
Want to wake up late... want to have time to do my own thingsss.... (((())))) ermmmmmmm.. Shhow me the way,,,, make me stronger...