Tuesday, July 20, 2010

today's breakfast (actually almost everyday's breakfast)

Today I ate Laksa Penang for breakfast.... Spicy,,, last few days not so spicy (maybe she spiced it up a little bit today) .. and my tummu felt a bit of 'burning' sensation.

How's today my plan for SYSTEMATIC LIFE???
----> 10% of the aim reach (I think so) hmmmm

When can i reach 50%.... Oh dear (sigh~~~) Hopefully my aim will be achieve.

The other thing, I have been thinking of make a 'robe' or so called Abaya design of clothing. Hmmm... where's the 'plan'? How to do it? Where's the teacher? (smiling).... Love it when I question. But no answer for now. ONLY PLAN. I think I know what to do. The design isn't that difficult. I can ask woman who know how to sew to teach me a bit of the basic design. For my passion in sewing is quite good.... So I stop here for this moment. And will be continuing later on. Muah muah my blog...

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