Friday, November 11, 2011

Problems with Focusing and concentrating...

I have some problem with focusing my mind, or concentrating on certain things... So I took the time to surf around in the net to find some tips that are useful for me. And I found some tips, I got them together to share with others.. This tips were post by   ...

Clear Your Foggy, Fuzzy Thinking

Have you ever been in a fog during a meeting with your boss, or have trouble clearing your head during an important talk with your teenager? Fuzzy thinking can intrude when we least want it! This simple exercise will clear away those fuzzies when they occur. Learn how to take a quick break, get re-centered, and focused:

1. Stretch your whole body while leaning gently left, right, back and forward. Be sure to stretch your toes.

2. Stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart and bend your knees slightly.

3. Focus your mental energy on your third eye. Focus on a simple image of a ball of light. Still your mind, think only on this ball. Keep your focus on it until you see the ball of light clearly.

4. While looking straight ahead, bring your hands together, cupping them toward each other without touching, in front of your chest. See the ball of light there between your cupped, parallel hands.

5. Holding the ball of light, move your hands in front of your belly while still standing straight.

6. Slowly move your hands and the ball of light up your body to your forehead/third eye. Inhale deeply as you do so and let the light pervade your mind.

7. Move the ball of light and your hands back down to your belly as you exhale.

8. Repeat this process three times or more.

9. At the last inhalation, release the ball of light. It fills your mind with energy and clarity.

10. Relax. Get to work!

8 Tips to Focus Your Mind

Mental clutter, hyper-mind, head on overdrive—we’ve all been there. Here is some soothing relief.
Try these simple suggestions for slowing things down. Your concentration and memory will improve, you will gain greater perspective on your life, and you’ll be able to think more clearly and with less effort.
Learn to relax your mind as you relax your body, to reap the benefits of less stress, and gain a more calm and mindful awareness of the present moment. You will be surprised how easy it can be.

1. Witness your thoughts. No one can stop thinking entirely; it is impossible. If you start trying not to think, you only end up thinking about how to stop thinking! What you can do, however, is to withdraw from your thoughts and become more of an objective spectator.

2. Picture your mind as a blank canvas or a dark sky. Allow your thoughts to come and go, but resist the urge to follow each one. Your brain will eventually slow down and you will feel less pressured.

3. Count. If you find it difficult to let go of your thoughts, try counting slowly as you breathe. Watch your thoughts and try to resist following them. Turn your attention to the count as you breathe out.

4. Pay active attention. As you work and think, try to keep your attention on the task at hand. Be strict with yourself and each time your mind wanders, return it to the task. As you keep refocusing your attention, your “mind stillness” will improve.

5. Still your body. One sign of fragmented attention is fragmented movement. For example, when you are at the theatre, it is easy to tell if others around you are fully attentive to the performance. People who sniff and sigh, move their heads this away and that, and wiggle in their seats are having some difficulty concentrating. Rapt attention is usually accompanied by still body posture.

6. Find a comfortable position and don’t allow yourself to move. Concentrate on what you are doing or watching, drawing your attention away from physical distractions, and focus your thoughts on your task. After a while, you will notice that you fidget less and feel less physical discomfort. You are now channeled into mental exertion.

7. Interest your mind. Try to find interest in projects to help you concentrate. Taking up a new hobby can be a tremendous help. You should also try to find something interesting even in the dullest chore. If you are at a gathering, find someone and start a conversation. Be inquisitive and you might discover you have similar interests.

8. Open the mind. Just as strength, stamina and flexibility must be incorporated in your physical routine, the mind needs new and absorbing challenges to give it a change from its everyday journey. Notice something new on the same way home that you might not have noticed before. Buy a magazine on a subject you normally wouldn’t look at, read it, and open yourself to new possibilities.

For people who have problems similar to mine, these are few tips we can apply.

a qoute:

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea,
never goes back to its original dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes



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