Monday, November 15, 2010

want a long story???

i have tonnes of free time. Actually that 'free time' I suppose to work. Hmm... Forget it. I too lazy to work. Most of my times I use for daydreaming, sleeping, online, and hanging out or going out alone. Want to know the story I want to tell? Actually I don't have anything to tell. Just that, sometimes I like to write, even it's nothing or just babbling. And I find it ease my mind. Seriously, I want to create something of my own. A novel? Honestly I don't like making long stories. I like short stories.
I want to do a lot of things. But, my body is too lazy. Everything seems like obstacles. Writing is an obstacles. Thinking straight is an obstacles. Focusing is an obstacles. The main ingredient to achieve something is thinking and focusing. But for me, when my mind start to think, (like an old engine), my mind starts to broke down and looking out for other exciting things to do. Try to think of it, I never achieve anything marvelous. I really want to. A WANT and a STRUGGLE TO ACHIEVE is a total different story. You can think of anything that you want, but to achieve it, it's a struggle. ( Looking at this entry, I think it's an achievement for me to write 2 paragraph... hehehe... funny)
Anyhow, I feel at ease now. It really some therapy to write. My mind is full of s***. Need to get it out somehow.
What else I want to tell you in this entry? Let's wait for another 5 or 6 minutes before I think of anything. Muah Muah... love you my writing... heheheh

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