Monday, September 6, 2010


It's a countdown... to my holiday and to my wedding day. :) Can't hardly wait. 10 more days to go to my holiday and 21 day to go to my wedding day. 21 day... hmmm wish time could go much more faster.

Anyway, today, sitting with my friends, I did felt a little under-achieved than them. Well, to think of it, it was my choice anyway. I didn't want to further my studies, and chose to be a average person. I don't think I'm better than anyone, because I don't have degree, and I don't the gut to pursue anything my heart desire. This life is such an adventure. I just don't to be tie down to the norm. Anyhow, I let myself to become a submission to this pathetic life (That's what I think this life is). Lately, (actually about a few months back), I thought of something. Something I want to become and do in this life. Not just to be average people with average achievements. I need to start thinking BIG. How to start thinking BIG?? It is not because of the quantity of the pay-check I'm thinking of. It is more about my family, and the time I want to have with them. The liberation of working alone ( I mean self-employed).

Freedom, and time consuming work. :) To be continue....

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