Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another EMPTY day

This another empty day, that I failed to fill it with activities of learning, or ibadah. In a muslim's life, other activities other than seeking sustenance, gaining knowledge or ibadah, is consider a waste of precious time in this temporary dunya. If we look at the scholars and the companions of the prophet, they hardly had time to be wasted, or anytime for entertainment. There were time to spread the teachings, time for ibadah, time for family, time to administrate, time to gain sustenance, but... there were no time for merely entertainment. How they, consume their lives for only to search for the love of Allah. Man! I really envy them. I really ENVY them. I do not envy the world leader today, I do not envy the celebrities today, but I envy those who dedicated their life for the GOAL of meeting Allah. Subhanallah.

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