Friday, October 28, 2011

A lot going on in THE HEAD

how am I going to earn more than RM 500K in 5 years??? Or maybe I'm just dreaming. Money is not the upmost most important in my life, but I need the money for a lot of things. Heheheh... I just want to remind myself why I want so much money:
1. I want to give my mother a life that at ease and she can do anything she wants.
2. I want to payback the loan I took from the bank.
3. So I can have my own business and then manage my personal life at ease without having to split my life into office hour and house time.
4. Lastly, so I can give my home town community a hand for the infrastructures they lack.

Now, must try to remind myself, that I'm not looking for luxury, I'm looking for an aspect that I can help my life and other. Maybe you will think it's ridiculous, but for me it's my personal goal.

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